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  On a site scientific and technical articles from a site are collected In them the scientific view on Esoterics, sorcery and magic is stated  .
Articles basically intended for Transfers of knowledge and operating time of ten years' work
                    the sorcerer-programmer Valery Golubeva.
                              Or the story about PSI-REALITIES...
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Sorcerer-programmer Valery Golubev...
    About the radiating zomby   About newcomers, aliens and about you     As newcomers get to the Earth
        It is a little philosophy              About a psi-reality                  About a guessing on cards           
                    About radioactive prison             About a tryn-grass                      About the Fifth element
     About Quasars and black holes, pulsars and neutron stars                     About recruitment         
        About needles               About The Armageddon and Ukreprajonah         About orthodox church 
   The first-aid set of the fighter of invisible front (!)     About sense of blood        About indifference (!) 
      About the Doomsday         About political position in Russia           The dictionary of the basic terms 
  About a matrix     About Thoughts    About hallucinations  And images     About Sithah and Dzhedajah 
About to "drieds" and "At-to-plough"         About generations           About predictions and True cars
   About "Double-dealing fellows" and matrix administration    About "All and All" And system Lords   
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